Property Management Services

Our product is a well-managed property where value is preserved and enhanced through reducing expenses and tenant turnover, which helps to increase revenue and business retention.  We take this responsibility seriously.  We manage from the shoppers’ perspective.  Whether it’s a downtown area or a shopping center, both are a landmark for the community and a gathering place for the neighborhood.

Construction Services

We are able to deliver quality projects with personal attention to our client’s standards, schedules, and budgets.  Listening to the needs and developing a clear and shared vision for a project is paramount in guiding a project from conception to successful completion.  With our close relationships with architects, engineers, and subtracters, we are able bring quality workmanship and attention to detail along every step of the way to produce a “top-notch” unique finished structure designed to help your business succeed.

Development Services

It all comes down to Creating a Sense of Place. We develop great spaces that meet the needs of retailers and enhances the market value of the area. We specialize in revitalization efforts designed to turn yesterday’s vacancies into today’s thriving retail environments.  We provide what online shopping is unable to deliver to the consumer, and we call this Experiential Retailing!  Here are a few examples: